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Cub Camp

Pirate Ship
It was all hands on deck for the Beavers and Cubs at the 19th Maidenhead, Ship wrecked at Walter Davis Scout Camp site, for a full weekend of pirate stories and adventure. They had Neckers tied into bandanas, and bags of energy to do anything piratey. There was Scrub the decks mop hockey, A Jolly Roger Zip line,and Ship building, and and if that wasn’t enough to shiver your timbers, the Booby trapped treasure hunt sorted Pirates from the Cabin crew. A great day was had by all.

For photos see here.

Cardboard box sleepover to raise money for the Philipines

Our Cubs and Scouts slept overnight in cardboard boxes. They built an impressive structure from boxes – including storage areas and even chimneys!
Cubs jumping out of cardboard boxes

They also cooked dinner on trangeas and did various activities to learn about the Philipines cyclone and what’s being done about it.

The Cubs and Scouts raised over £700 which is a fantastic effort. They also got an article into the Maidenhead Advertisor.