Daily Archives: 8th May 2014

Spy Camp

DSCF0034Cubs and Scouts from 19th Maidenhead Spent the weekend away on a Spy Themed Camp, Recruited into MI19 Cubs and Scouts progressed through a morning of Specialist spy training, in the fields of communication, code breaking, and electric circuits. The Weekend took them through a Who-done-it murder mystery, with real forensic testing, and a mission to catch a double agent.


The story spread across the whole weekend picked up pace as the Campfire was interrupted by an unplanned Code Amber alert, The security breach lead to a surprise wide game to catch a double agent all under the covers of darkness. The weekend was wound up with a Hike out the dead Dead drop on the Sunday morning to complete their mission, and finally discover the truth.


Scouts in York Stream Clear Up

scouts5On the Morning of 27th April 19th Maidenhead Scouts Joined forces with the Maidenhead Water way project to help in the York stream Clear up, in the early phase of the canal restoration work due to commence this summer.

Teaming up with other organisations and local community groups; the Scouts from 19th Maidenhead  Donned their wellies and got stuck in to some seriously mucky litter picking.

Martin Muckle the Scout leader said “The York Steam runs down the back of our Headquarters, it was great to feel a part of a big project on our door step and  there was such community spirit”

The Maidenhead advertiser reported that more that 70 bags of litter, five shopping trolleys, a chair, a typewriter, a radio and other foreign objects were all retrieved from York Stream as part of the clear up operation.

Martin added “The Scouts should be really proud of their effort, you can really see the difference”