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Cubs Farm to Fork

The Cubs had their own guided tour of the Tesco store in Windsor this week, finding out where different food comes from and having a taste too, thanks Lisa and the team in Windsor for making us welcome and putting on
such a good farm to fork trail!!


Scout Survival Camp

In September the Scouts went on survival camp. In addition to having to build fires and cook from themselves, they learned about making traps, water purification and how to use an axe and saw. They also made an expedition into Windsor by train to go on a treasure hunt.

A patrol cooking their dinner

A patrol cooking their dinner

Jamboree On The Trail 2014

Cub Incident Hike 2014 00710 Cubs from 19th Maidenhead took part in The Jamboree On the Trail Last weekend, Walking on the same trail as Cubs all across Maidenhead, and at the same time as Scouts all over the world.

Our group entered two teams who navigated their own route, and took part in eight different challenges bases along the way all organised and put on by the Scout section.

2014-05-10 12.33.37Cub Incident Hike 2014 0022014-05-10 13.34.31

Spy Camp

DSCF0034Cubs and Scouts from 19th Maidenhead Spent the weekend away on a Spy Themed Camp, Recruited into MI19 Cubs and Scouts progressed through a morning of Specialist spy training, in the fields of communication, code breaking, and electric circuits. The Weekend took them through a Who-done-it murder mystery, with real forensic testing, and a mission to catch a double agent.


The story spread across the whole weekend picked up pace as the Campfire was interrupted by an unplanned Code Amber alert, The security breach lead to a surprise wide game to catch a double agent all under the covers of darkness. The weekend was wound up with a Hike out the dead Dead drop on the Sunday morning to complete their mission, and finally discover the truth.