Beaver_CMYK_multi_linearBeavers are aged 6 to 8 and meet on a Monday evening. Please contact Liz Wilson if you would like to join, or to be added to the waiting list.

13/01/2020Welcome backWelcome new members + Admin Getting to know you games Swimming up ceremony
20/01/2020Make a hovercraftBeavers need to bring a CD and pop up drinks cap (like a fruit shoot one)
27/01/2020CatapultsConstruct catapults and competition to see whose works best
03/02/2020Team gamesGutter ball and other team games.
10/02/2020Make money boxes for Beaveree Chartiy
17/02/2020Half term - no meeting. Bob a job week for BeaversBeavers to do jobs for family and neighbours to earn money for Beaveree charity
24/02/2020Pancakes and racesNeed "Liz Stoves" x 4 minimum (6 best) Lightweight frying pans Pancake mix. Sugar, lemon juice. golden syrup. Extra Adult help
02/03/2020games evening
09/03/2020Community task (National Trust) TBCActivity helping National Trust
14/03/2020BeavereeAt Altwood School. Medieval theme. 19th Base will be making shields
16/03/2020HIke Details TBCOne hour hike (circular) Hi Viz jackets needed
23/03/2020Tracking skillsLearn tracking signs. Make trail using sticks and stones on the moor.
27/03/2020Beaver SleepoverSleepover at Scout Hut Beavers will sleep indoors but in tents. Evening meal, breakfast and lunch provided Theme to be decided (Communication?) Fundraiser for Poland European Jamboree
30/03/2020Fire station visit TBCWalk to fire station (Hi Viz vests required) Take cakes for firemen Or Easter activities if fire station not possible