Beaver_CMYK_multi_linearBeavers are aged 6 to 8 and meet on a Monday evening. Please contact Liz Wilson if you would like to join, or to be added to the waiting list.

09/09/2019Welcome back and Goodbye!Games Swimming up ceremony for 6 beavers
16/09/2019Getting to Kow youIntroducing new beavers Sorting into lodges Explaining the rules Getting to know you games
23/09/2019Knots and more knotsGames Granny knot Shoelace Reef knot
28/09/2019Beaver SleepoverSaturday 10 a.m. - Sunday 10 a.m. International Theme Games, crafts and international food.
30/09/2019Global 1Global Issues activity
14/10/2019Junk modellingRecreate a famous building using "junk" Provide pictures of famous buildings for Beaver to try and make. Can work in pairs. Materials needed: "Junk" (beavers to bring their own) Sellotape, string, scissors.
21/10/2019British Tradition - HalloweenDress up for Halloween. Traditional Halloween games. Talk about what they do in other countries.
28/10/2019Half Term NO BEAVER MEETING
04/11/2019Preparation for Remembrance SundayMake a wreath.
10/11/2019Remembrance Sunday Church Parade at St Joseph's
11/11/2019Space Activity TBCInvite Maidenhead Astronomy Club to present
18/11/2019My WorldBeaver promise discuss community. visit from district nurse? social Worker?
25/11/2019Reptile handling TBCMeet some reptiles. Charge applies
02/12/2019Christmas CraftsChristmas decoration. Rehearsal for performance on 18th.
09/12/2019Christmas craftsMake a Christmas card. Rehearse performance for next week
16/12/2019Christmas Group Get togetherMulled wine and mince pies for adults Other treats for children Mums, dads siblings and other family members welcome songs, and other performances.